Event Collection

Event Collection might be the newest experiential event management company in 2017 but boy do we pack a punch. We have been crafting all our skills over the past 15 years to bring you fresh and innovative event ideas. We will be launching and collaborating event solutions that will help you create events from objective to outcome with maximum impact to your audience.

How We Work

We strive to be the most innovative and events company in the U.K. providing the most creative event experiences for our clients, helping to build their brands, develop their staff and ensuring success for years to come.

From start to finish Event Collection can manage your event as we are the one stop shop for all your needs across the U.K. From the initial proposal to the completion of your event we know that your event will be a success and prove that Event Collection and you are a winning formula in providing the most creative events for client.

Let us be the convenience of having everything you need for your event. Let us do the hard work behind the scenes to let you enjoy your amazing event!

About our Culture

Our culture derives from the top of our business. Our board have been in the events business for the last 15 years and they have seen and been involved in business around the U.K. They believe that they have now formed a culture out of all their experiences, which brings out the best in our Event Collection family.

The company ethos is “The hard work is done behind the scenes. The event is the easy part”.

With that we have sculpted our business with our values Leadership, Innovative, People, and Collaboration. We will and have been building our business on our people. Our staff have been pursuing the boundaries of the event industry over the years and now they have chosen to be part of the Event Collection family and become the newest kids on the block with a big bang into the events industry from 2017 onwards.

Join Us

Here at EC we are always looking to bolster our ever growing creative events staff. Whether you are in the events industry or a just qualified from university or college. Send us your information and we will get back to you when an opening comes up.

If you’re looking for an internship, apprenticeship or work experience. We will be launching a programme to get more people into the events to inspire our younger generation to be part of the events industry.

Core Values

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