Design an Advert Team Building Challenge

The Advert

Tasks to boost morale, creativity and teamwork

Design an Advert Event

The Advert brings teambuilding to the forefront of your event. This activity gets your staff together whilst doing tasks to boost morale, creativity and teamwork. Let this activity bring your aspiring directors, actresses and actors to life. Do you have the next Steven Spielberg or Angelina Jolie in your business? Design an Advert Event, its time to see how good they really are Lights, Camera, Action.

This challenge can be made fully bespoke to suit the end objectives that you as the event organiser wants. Do you want the teams to have free reign on any subject, or how about something tailored to the industry? What about a advert or promotional video about the business, perhaps the winning groups film can be played in your companies reception. An update on the health and safety video which can be distributed throughout the company. The list is endless, we can work with you to build the ideas in advance if you want to even choose the subject matter for each of the teams.

Strategy Communication

Your group is divided into teams given their brief and then issued with filming equipment, event props, costumes and movie storyboards. With the Design an Advert Event there will be different roles delegated, give out the job roles and know it’s all about Location, Location, Location. Get ready to impress the Event Collection Film Crew. Each team will be required to fill all the job roles and descriptions, and present to the wide group and explain their filming process. This is a structured event and the teams will be tested during the event on their communication, innovation, strategy communication and problem solving skills.

Why the Advert


  • Creativity
  • Collective Thinking
  • Strategy Communication
  • Time Scales & Processes
  • Resource Management


  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Duration: 4 Hours.
  • Minimum: 15 Persons.
  • Maximum: 100 Persons
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Design an Advert Event