Italian Job - Team Car Treasure Hunt

The Italian Job

Split up into different cars, use GPS and clues on the iPad to win

The Job, think Italian Job but legal. This team building activity can be built in a large or small scale, depending on the cost/time available.

In the first place, the groups will be split up into different cars. Not only using a GPS system on iPad each group will follow instructions collecting clues and evidence along the way. Also requires participating in tasks to gain extra information. Altogether, the Italian Job treasure hunt is great fun while enhancing time management, motivation, teamwork and developing transferable skills.

Italian Job Treasure Hunt

This can run across the country and include a night or few away, or can be more local with an 1-2 drive.

The Italian Job treasure hunt is a great challenge to really get everyone acquainted with each other and have a little fun. We will work with your event organiser to help and plan the cars, accommodation and any extras if required.

Why the Italian Job


  • Builds Team Camaraderie
  • Staff Motivation
  • Develops Transferable Skills
  • Time Management
  • Can be delivered in any country, city or out of town event venues


  • Outdoors
  • Duration: 4 – 72 hour event
  • Minimum: 10 Persons.
  • Maximum: 60 Persons
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The Italian Job Treasure Hunt Team Challenge - Team Car Treasure Hunt