The Pursuit - Outdoor Pursuit group activities

The Pursuit

A set competitive event or as a casual activity day

Pursuit Challenge

The Pursuit can be ran as a set competitive event or as a casual activity day where your group can join in at their leisure. This is a pursuit challenge that brings out the best in people when they need to step up and perform their best. Combined with laser clay pigeon shooting, archery and quad biking, we have something for all levels of fitness and all levels of fun.

Ran as an event the individual groups will compete on all games building up points along the way, coming together for a final challenge and opportunity for the winner to take all. This is an pursuit challenge which works great as an incentive afternoon, for everyone to get out of the office and to relax.

Why the Pursuit


  • Builds Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Fun & Competitiveness
  • Great for event for venues with lots of space
  • Gets people’s attention and will get everybody motivated for success


  • Duration: 1.5 – 4 Hours.
  • Minimum: 15 Persons.
  • Maximum: No Limit.
Looking for a venue?

The Pursuit